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Anti Wrinkle Treatment In Islamabad

What is anti-wrinkles treatment?

With the passing age, our skin appears to be less tight due to so many issues associated with the health and skin type. One out of which is the wrinkles formation that, whose major contributor is the age factor. Also, the changing contours of face and the variations in our facial features maybe another reason for the formation of wrinkles. Skin loses elasticity and the volume and becomes sagged and loosen which then requires exigent anti-wrinkles treatment.

Anti-wrinkles treatment, therefore can be done in variety of ways, including both the surgical and non-surgical methods. This, anti-wrinkles treatment, constituting the way to regain the fresh and elastic skin, then rule out the basis for its ever-increasing demand. To backlash the effects of aging and unattractive wrinkles formation, dermatologists may recommend anti-wrinkles treatment depending on the patient’s skin and the severity of the issue.

Out of all the known anti-wrinkles treatment, two basic methods, usually regarded as the famous one, helps in the rejuvenation of skin in addition to strengthening the facial muscles. One of them is Botox and the other one is by using hyaluronic acid. The former one helps in the reduction of power of expressive muscles of skin and the latter works by utilizing the gel like substance known as hyaluronic acid to help to get rid of the wrinkles. The skin, then, after anti-wrinkles treatment, works effectively in addition to moisturizing the skin and enabling its elasticity deep down while protecting it from the wrinkles.

Classic anti-wrinkles injection treatment

Not extant in today’s cosmetic surgery, classic anti-wrinkles injection treatment works as an outdated cure. Because in the respective type of treatment, those who do not possess volume in their skin in the younger age are now supposed to be treated in such a way to add necessarily more volume in the facial features which often looks unnatural as it is normally not in accordance with the natural facial contours. As a dint of the fact, this version of anti-wrinkle treatment has now been expunged.

Our face generally requires the natural look even after the treatment so the two most common ways in doing so are mentioned below

  • Botox

    One main reason of the wrinkles formation is the way we respond with our facial muscles, usually resulting in the negative aftermaths. The fine lines under the eyes and jaw line is the common representation of wrinkles which then be treated with the help of botulinum, a known ingredient fir the active treatment of wrinkles. It composed of bacterial protein that helps in the stretching of facial muscles making the skin wrinkle free and smooth.

  • Hyaluronic acid treatment

    Loss of elasticity in the connective tissues of the skin usually causes wrinkles effect. Everyone facing this issue has a dire need of getting smooth and static wrinkle free skin which is very much possible with the help of a gel like substance, which upon injection can easily create the softness as well as tightness in the skin, lagging the effects of wrinkles. This anti-wrinkle treatment directly suits almost every skin type.

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