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Rosacea Treatmentin Islamabad, Pakistan

Rosacea is a common skin disease that generally appears like a red spots on your skin making the red blood vessels clearly noticeable insider your skin. It most commonly occurs on face skin, seems like acne or some other allergic reactions but it is exactly not. The appearance of rosacea is like a small and red pus filled crevice, mistaken with pimples of acne. Normally it happens in women of middle age who have very fair skin. Rosacea can be prevented and even reduced with different medications and remedies but there is no clear solution to end it from the root. In Severe cases, different laser therapies are also involved in Rosacea treatment.

What are the symptoms of Rosacea?

Major signs and symptoms of rosacea are as follows:

  • Rosacea appears to be as a red spots on all over the face, especially in the middle of face on cheeks and nose causing little bit of swelling. This redness may seem to be visible most often.
  • Rosacea patients are suppose to be developing acne like pimples on the red area of face that usually contains some pus and skin feels like hot and tender.
  • Rosacea also has eye redness symptoms which may extend even more than the skin issue. It happens to leave the eye dry, swollen and reddened causing eye irritation.
  • Another symptom of rosacea is enlarged nose that forms a bubble like appearance on nose called as rhinophyma. This symptom is particularly common in males than in females.

How Rosacea can be treated?

As already explained there is no proper and life time treatment of rosacea, so we focus more on controlling it and assuage it to be normal by different types of medications and treatment processes.


Medication typically depends on the severity of the problem including the symptoms a patient is experiencing. With recent and growing technology, there are few drugs that can reduce the redness in your skin and they work as gel which constricts the blood vessels of the skin to restrict the rosacea from spreading. Although this rosacea treatment is temporary yet it can lessen the effect of respective skin disease. Medication takes one to two month to show its complete result.

Oral medication

In severe cases of rosacea, antibiotics are taken as oral medication. Different types of bacteria present in antibiotics helps to reduce the redness and pus formation in the bumps that cause severe irritation in the skin. These antibiotics are taken as pills and they are generally more effective.


If your rosacea has gone very severe and it cannot be cured with medication then there is an option of laser therapy that may decrease rosacea affects to much extent.

Who is the best candidate for the treatment of Rosacea?

Rosacea can affect both male and female candidates but it is more common in women. Women who have fair skin and are in their late 30s experiencing rosacea are considered to be the good candidate for the treatment process.

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