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Skin Tag & Wart Removal Treatmentin Islamabad, Pakistan

What are skin tags?

Usually, skin tags are the small, flesh like growth that can be formed at any part of the skin and develops like a tissue. It is generally soft and can be easily bent. The size of skin tags ranges from a very small, just like a pea size to as large as a grape. The size varies from person to person depending on the skin type. Their growth if usually rapid and can be increase of decrease depending on the nature of treatment, generally do not vary with the time but once you got a skin tag its not quite easy to get rid of. The color of skin tag changes from time to time, from light brown to darker shade, but it does not affect the skin. The targeted are for skin tags are normally the neck, under armpits and on the sides of waist line and can be anywhere inside the folds of skin.

What are warts on the skin?

It is a kind of bumping surface, usually flat in shape and appears on the skin as a raised surface. Warts can be grown at any part of the body, but they are more common at the hidden places of body; vagina, pubis, or anus. Warts are similar in color to your skin, but it can also be brown or pink, varying with the time. Genital warts are easily to disappear and vanished if proper treatment is followed. But they are likely to appear again at any other place of body. The texture of warts is generally rough and bumpy, correlated with the cauliflower look. They may appear single or can be in the form of combined cluster comprising of small bump like structures.

How to treat the warts and skin tags?

Generally, skin tags and warts are assumed to be a single disease as they are interlinked in terms of their treatment. Both of the issues not cause any irritation of pain but to clear the skin, few treatment procedures are lined up.

  • Cryotherapy

    In this type of treatment of skin tags, high intensity cold nitrogen in a liquified form are used to freeze the cells of your skin, for destroying skin tags or warts. This ultra-cold nitrogen will then make the warts and skin tags to remove, causing the skin to fall away.

  • Surgical treatment

    Typical surgery methods are used to get rid of these warts and skin tags as used by various surgeons. With the help of a scalpel, warts can be easily cut down.

  • Laser

    High intensity laser light is necessary to destroy the skin cells which is responsible for the warts and skin tags formation. Laser treatment, being the most innovative one is therefore the core process to deal with almost every type of skin problem.

  • Ligation

    In this type of treatment process, a professional doctor will use a hot wire to remove away the skin tags and warts with the help of a heat using electro surgical procedural treatment.

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